• Stephanie Lam

5 Things I Always Have In My Bag

I travel lightly and if you notice, I always use mini bags (i.e. classic Chanel crossbody, Mansur Gavriel mini bag, and this new Chloe bag, except my Celine Luggage Tote), but there are 5 things that I always have with me in my bag to last me all day! From beauty touch ups to little snacks, I've got you covered for your 9-to-5 busy day!

I always carry my Estee Lauder mini compact with me because I have oily skin. I hate it when my skin gets shiny, so this mini compact is perfect for touch ups to reduce the oil and shine on my face. It's the perfect size, trendy and easy to purchase refills for here!

A girl can never leave the house without lipstick, and when you have such busy days like me, you will always need a touch up! Currently my favorites are Kylie's matte lipstick and this Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick.

Unfortunately, I sweat a lot. And that means I stink! Luckily, I always carry my travel size perfume with me to keep me smelling fresh whenever I start getting smelly! My current favorite is this Chloe rollerball one.

Since my bags are always so tiny, I keep my wallet even tinier. I always have my card holder with me since I also barely use any cash. I have one from Fendi and one from Chanel, but if I were to add another one to my collection, it would be this cute YSL one!

I'm always on the go and there are many days when I don't have time for lunch! That's when these KIND mini bars save my life! They're small enough to fit in any bag, but big enough to curb my hunger!


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