• Stephanie Lam

6 French Berets to Take You into Fall

The Parisienne in me is so delighted that berets are a fall and winter trend this year! It's got me saying 'oui oui'! This is one of those accessories that is both functional and fashionable! It keeps you warm when you're cold, but it's totally chic! It's also the perfect touch for that easy French girl touch if you want to wear it with plain sweater and jeans, or with a simple trench coat. I've rounded up my 6 favorite French berets that will surely take you into fall!

1. le classique

There's nothing like a classic french beret.

2. le pouf

Blush pink with a pouf for fun!

3. le rouge

Bold red for a bold take on this trend.

4. le pearl

Try this pearl embellished one for a feminine take.

5. le neutral

Try this tan color with riding boots for a countryside look.

5. le designer

For a designer take, try this one from

French brand Maison Michel


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October 19, 2018

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