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  • Stephanie Lam

A New Kind of Love

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I just wanted to pop on over here to wish each and every one of you a Happy Valentine's Day! If you're in a relationship, make sure you let that significant other know how much they mean to you! And if you're not, then we're in the same love boat and this post is for you! I've just discovered a new kind of love. I'm recently single, and I noticed that too often, I try to fill the hole with someone else. But this time, I've been practicing a lot of self love and trying to own my self worth.

It's important to practice self love. And for me, lately that's been making time and space for that 2 hour drive to the beach. Just so I can relax and find my own happiness again. We all need a little reprogramming from the idea that our happiness depends on the love of someone else. Your self-worth is more than that! Now, that doesn't mean I think relationships are bad, because as humans I truly believe we need honest and beautiful connections with other people.

Step into your self-worth and eventually your path will align. So practice self-love, get to know yourself, take this time to reflect. It's not ever day you get a chance to do that.

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