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Festival Season 2018

Festival Season | Lam in Louboutins

It's funny how Californians don't really have a Winter or a Fall since we're sunny all year round. But what we do have is Award Season and Festival Season! It's that time of year and Coachella is just around the corner, the biggest festival in Palm Springs! This year, Beyonce will probably be the biggest head liner and I'm so excited to see her perform! But really, I'm just there for the food! Have you guys seen the food line up this year!? There's going to be Milk Bar there! I'm definitely going to be all up in that! And not just the food, but Coachella is also about showing up with the cutest (and comfiest) outfit. I've linked a few of my favorites below, but head on over to the Festival Shop to shop all of my favorites!


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