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  • Stephanie Lam

How I Became a Morning Person

With the New Year, there's been a lot of talk about changing routines for the better, especially morning routines. It's of my opinion that everyone can easily become a morning person with just a couple of minor adjustments. I used to, like many of you, love sleeping in and waking up late. But now, I thoroughly enjoy my mornings and try to wake up at 7 or 7:30 the latest! How, you may ask? Here's a few tips and tricks on how I became a morning person.

1. sleeping on time

This one seems like a no-brainer, but if you're anything like me, then at 11 or 11:30PM you are the MOST awake! I somehow always have a burst of energy and I can concentrate and do anything at that late hour so much so that I don't even want to sleep because I'm so productive! Now, however, I really try to force myself to shut down and set aside all my devices and crawl into bed. Mental preparation is so important for a good night's sleep. The latest that I'll let myself stay up until is 12:30, whereas I used to stay up until 2 to 3 AM.

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Use a diffuser (they're so inexpensive too!) to help mentally wind you down for the night.


2. waking up an extra 1-2 hours before you need to

You may be asking me: "why on earth would I want to wake up even earlier than I need to!?" The answer is quite simple, so that you can actually enjoy your mornings. I used to wake up and be in such a rush that I would hate the idea of waking up! But now I try to wake up at least 2 hours earlier before I need to leave so that I can enjoy my coffee, take Megatron (my pup) out for a stroll, and take my time catching up on the morning news.

amazon echo dot

Most days my boyfriend, Antonio, wakes me up! But when he's away, I love using my Amazon echo dot as an alarm clock in the mornings and for a quick round up of the daily news!


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3. eating healthy throughout the day

I used to feel lethargic and tired all the time which caused me to want to sleep in more and vice versa, I would want to sleep in more so that I hopefully wouldn't feel lethargic and tired all the time. I found that working at the office, I would nibble on food all day long, but on sugary and fat-saturated snacks that was making me feel less energetic. Now, I drink kombucha (which I'm going to definitely write a post on what it is and its benefits), eat healthy snacks with less than 1-2 grams of added sugar (natural sugar is OK), and take supplements when I do feel a little lethargic or tired.

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These are my favorite supplements because they have ingredients that are based on ancient ayurvedic practicess, and it really works for me!

Are you a morning person?

If yes, what are your tips and tricks on how you became a morning person!?

Leave a comment below!


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