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How To Dress Like You Live in the South of France

Privacy Pls Dress (via Revolve), Hat from Spain (similar from Nordstrom), Gucci Wedges (old, similar), Basket Tote (similar)

Today we are talking about how to dress like you live in the South of France. You've heard of phrase 'fake it till you make it' right? Well, same concept here, kind of. I've always dreamed about living in Paris and last summer when I visited the South of France (you can see the blog posts here), I could totally picture myself living in a tiny little 1 pièce (studio) in Bordeaux with a glass of wine in hand whenever the clock hits 2 pm. So maybe if I dressed like it, I'm one step closer to living that dream. I've narrowed it down to an easy three must-haves for that "Je ne sais quoi' French girl style.

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Don't even think about stepping outside without a chic topper on your head. Not only does it protect you from the sun, but you don't need to wash your hair since you're going to wear a hat anyways! Convenient and chic!

French girl style is all about being effortless without losing the quality of high fashion. That's where instant outfit makers come in: think leather jacket, sneaker, and in this case, the flowy dress! You just put it on and 'voila' you have yourself an outfit! I got this dress from Revolve and I love how the quality of the fabric feels and how it hugs your body in all the right places while maintaining a beautiful flow.

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And finally, you definitely need a basket tote (that's filled with fresh flowers, of course!) Just imagine that you just went to the morning farmer's market in your neighborhood, and you picked out a dozen veggies that you're going to cook for dinner, some cheese, a baguette, obviously, and a bunch of the freshet flowers that they had at the market.

Privacy Pls Dress (via Revolve), Hat from Spain (similar from Nordstrom), Gucci Wedges (old, similar), Basket Tote (similar)


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