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What I Learned From NYFW + 5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

This past New York Fashion Week was my first ever Fashion Week experience! I didn't know what to expect as it was my first time and I was so nervous that I had nearly unpacked my bags the night before. But I'm so glad I pushed myself to go because it was one of the greatest learning experiences that I've ever had. The truth is though, the shows and presentations were definitely very exciting, but my favorite part about Fashion Week were all of the events and getting to meet all of the other bloggers! Here are a few highlights below, from attending my first show ever, for Malan Breton, to getting to chat with Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook! P.S. all of my Fashion Week looks are linked below!

Of course, the RewardStyle events were such a hit! I got to meet so many new bloggers and bloggers who I've been following on Instagram for a long time! Scroll through to see a few photos from both the RewardStyle headquarters and the Rooftop Party!

"never underestimate the power of your influence"

"the iconic saks fifth avenue"

One thing that surprised me about myself from my experience at New York Fashion Week was how little I had underestimated myself. In the world of blogging, it seems like it's a numbers games, right? How many followers you have and how many invitations you get, etc. I had never considered myself to be a "top" blogger or one of the best, but I learned that I should also not consider myself "small" and "tiny" blogger. I got to meet so many bloggers who I look up to who actually follow me too! At first, it's daunting to be by yourself in a different city, but once you overcome your social fears, you realize how amazing it is to get to meet people and interact with people who share the same passions as you.

Which leads me to why I wanted to share 5 things that you all probably didn't know about me. I realized that being an influencer is most importantly being a part of a bigger community and getting personal!

1. I technically have 3 jobs. I work in real estate development full time, I run my blog, and I teach yoga! I work with my family business, so having my blog and teaching yoga are really for myself to pursue my other passions like fitness, beauty and of course, fashion.

2. I have been a pescatarian for almost a year now! I stopped eating meat after my dog, Rocket, passed away. He was sadly taken by a coyote, and his death reminds me every day to try to live life to the fullest.

3. Being the younger sister in the family, I've always been considered a "rebel" compared to my older sister who is like my parent's "perfect" child. I always call myself the black sheep of the family because I just think and act so differently from my parents and my sister and we're constantly butting heads.

4. I have the biggest sweet tooth and I am usually carrying a pack of gummy bears with me wherever I go!

5. And finally, a little bit more about my yoga practice. I've been practicing yoga for more than 2 years, but decided to enrich my yoga practice by becoming a teacher. I now teach at both Corepower Yoga and Hot 8 Yoga in Pasadena! I teach Power Yoga and Yoga Sculpt, which is my jam! Come take my class!

Shop my New York Fashion Week looks here!


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