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Why I Changed My Instagram Name

This past year, I tried to take my blog and my Instagram to the next level. There were many successes like attending my very first New York Fashion Week, but there were also many many struggles. It seemed like with every step forward, I took two steps back. I thought about quitting, several times, but in the end I never let the Instagram algorithm get the best of me.

I've always structured Lam in Louboutins to be a fashion blog, but this year I really wanted to incorporate other aspects of my life like health, fitness and travel. After all, the blog is only one-third of my life (though it seems like it takes over everything). I have a full time job in real estate and I teach yoga four times a week! With that in mind, I finally took the plunge to change my Instagram handle to @stephaniehlam instead of Lam in Louboutins. When my blog only consisted of fashion, it made sense. But I want Lam in Louboutins to have its own identity and to have myself as the director behind it. Another huge factor that drove the change was the realization that without capital letters for Instagram handles, everyone was reading it as "I am in Louboutins" rather than "Lam in Louboutins"! I encountered this several times at New York Fashion Week and every time I would shudder in embarrassment. How can I grow my Instagram when everyone is getting my name wrong!?

It wasn't an easy change.

For the past five years I have been @laminlouboutins. I still don't know if I made the right choice, but I'm really hoping these changes are for the better. To be honest, I made it past 50k followers, but my engagement is lower than Britney Spears when she shaved her head! I questioned my abilities, my aesthetic and asked myself why I wasn't good enough. But at the end of the day, I love what I do and I want to continue to strive to make my content better.


if you ever feel like quitting,

just remember why you started.


Elliatt Dress, ASOS Scarf, Joie Boots (old, similar), Gucci Belt Bag


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