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Your Cozy-Indoor Starter Kit

Your Cozy-Indoor Starter Kit | Lam in Louboutins

The temperatures are dropping and its my favorite time of the year to stay inside, cozy up in my bed with some hot tea, and just do wintery things. Last year, it was all about the art of hygge, and this year, it's all about the a pluxe (plush and luxe) night in. Yes, I just made that up, but hey, I'm all for it! So how do you prepare yourself for that ultimate cozy night in? Here are a few easy ways that you can start upping the ante on your cozy game.

< a cozy coatigan

There's nothing more comfy than an oversized cardigan, better known as the coatigan. Layer a comfy t-shirt underneath and you've got yourself a wearable blanket.

luxe slippers >

You could just slip on a pair of UGG slippers and call it a night, but we're talking about upping our cozy game here. So that means good bye UGGs and hellooo Gucci (and friends).

< plush throws

You cannot fathom a cozy night in without a softy fluffy throw. When you're not using the throw, just casually drape it over the side of your couch for the perfect touch of coziness.

you, me and a cuppa tea >

I am a huge fan of ending the night with a cup of warm tea. Not only does it warm you up on a chilly night, but it has so many other health benefits from powerful anti-oxidents to soothing your stomach.


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